How Do I Place an Order?

To place an order you can call me at (612) 382-6440 or email me at

How Do I Place A Custom Order?

Commissioned artwork is a wonderful way of customizing a piece of art to perfectly fit your home or space. Outlined below are the steps for commissioning:

1) client sends an inspiration picture of painting style
2) client sends a picture of the space and details of the room
3) we discuss color palette and style (I will NOT copy a painting, but it would be a similar style)
4) I will give recommendations on size along with a quoted price
5) if client moves forward, I paint it and get it to about 90% finished
6) I send a picture of the painting and ask for feedback (to give the opportunity for any changes)
7) I make necessary changes if applicable and complete the painting
8) another picture is sent or a client sees in person to give final okay before it is varnished (because once varnished it cannot be changed

If you see a piece on my website that you want me to recreate, we will complete similar steps as outlined above. 

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